Monday, November 18, 2013

Just Another Day

I am so grateful for my family. They make me crazy and happy all at the same time.
Halle has hit terrible two's 6 months early. She is so cute and such a stinker at the same time. Her and Brody fight constantly. It is mostly me telling her to be nice to him. 
 This picture cracks me up. I love her face. You can see the not so innocent side of Halle. Love you girly.
 Such a cutie though. She loves her Daddy so so much! So do I 
 Haha oh Halle Your faces are so stinkin cute.

 Taylor is crazy right now. He is nuts! He loves to jump off of things, wrestle with his brother, and is 100% boy!

 He loves to color. I have been taking my camera out more often. He brought me his book and said take a picture mom. Good work buddy!
 This horse is special. It has been through all of our kiddos. I was telling Dennis that we need to keep this for our grandkids one day..... Brody is such a sweetheart right now. He loves to cuddle up with his mommy and I am trying to slow down and suck up every minute of it!
 These two are BEST friends. I hope this never changes.
 It was nice to get in front of the camera. This is something I am going to have to work on but I want more pictures with my kids. Can you tell I am from Washington look at that pale skin that never sees the sun... It's time for a vacation somewhere warm and sunny!

 Hahaha oh Halle...
 Audrey is the BEST big sister in the world. I seriously could not handle my life without her. She is always willing to help, has more patience than I do, and just loves her brothers and sisters.
 Proof that Taylor is crazy. I am not even sure what he is doing here. He just runs around like a crazy man!

Can you believe all of those kids are mine..... Me either. I would not change my life for anything though. I am extremely blessed to have five healthy children, A husband that loves me unconditionally, a beautiful house to live in, and many more blessing that makes every day a gift. 

Friday, October 18, 2013


I love how Lindsey's hair is constantly sticking straight up. Her Papa Coatney called her spike and it has kind of stuck ever since.

 Most of the time Lindsey has a serious look on her face.

I love it when she smiles. Daddy can usually get her to smile. The best chance of smiles is right after nap for first thing in the morning right now. 

Family Home Evening

 I have to say I love Family Home Evening. It is something we just started to do. I look forward to spending quality time as a family. Dennis was gone hunting this week so I knew I had to do something cool to fill the void the daddy. I built the kids a fort which was a great start. When I punched some holes and added some Christmas lights this was the reaction I got. I think I passed the test of being cool mom for a night!

 I love my kiddos. Its funny this was the first time I told them to make a funny face and they all knew what to do!

I got this idea of pinterest. It worked wonderfully well! I wonder how I will top this next week. It's hard coming up with ideas for Family home evening when the ages span from 1 1/2 to 7 (the baby could care less)

Monday, September 16, 2013

The last summer days

I can't believe summer has come and gone.... This summer was pretty busy. At the beginning of summer we moved. It was a good move for our family. We love our new home. It is nice and spacious. We were busting at the seams at our last house. Pictures coming soon. 

We had a baby. I am still saddened to think that Lindsey is my last baby. I LOVE the baby stage. However it will be nice to get out of the baby stage and actually be able to go and do things... in a few years that is. 

Here is some pictures from one of our last nice summer nights.... 

Audrey is getting so old...  7 years old now. She finally lost her first tooth last month. She now has a second lose tooth.

This kids faces crack me up. He can be really shy and gets embarrassed easily but if you happen to catch him in the right mood be prepared to laugh...

Halle you are such a stinker sweetheart right now. You definitely have the baby syndrome and probably will keep it forever. Who can tell that cute face no.
Brody loves playing with the hose... Any chance you got this summer you were in the water.

I love this picture. I am so blessed to have all of these children. 

Best of friends and enemies at the same time...

This is what happens when your try and get a picture with a 1 1/2 year old, 2 - 2  1/2 year olds, and a 7 year old. Audrey was trying so hard but she is definitely out numbered.

Grandpa Coatney loves to preform "magic" tricks for our kids. Halle has gotten into the action as well. This video makes me laugh. She is saying "which One" In this video I picked the hand that did not have the object in it. If you watch closely you can hear her chuckle and raise her eyebrows and she switches hands. At the end she says "Ta Da" 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Second Grade

 Audrey started second grade today. She is attending Kapowsin Elementary this year. Audrey will be going to school with two of her cousins and is super excited! Taylor did  not want Audrey to go. When we got to school Brody, Taylor and Halle started to cry when we dropped Audrey off and drove away without her... Mom secretly was teary eyed as well. My little girl is getting too big.

 These pictures make me laugh. I have no idea what Taylor and Brody are doing....

Audrey and Halle share a special bond. Poor Halle has no idea Audrey will be gone all day.... hurry home Audrey your brothers and sisters are anxiously waiting for you! 

Audrey looks so old and mature in this picture. I can't believe she is starting second grade. Time is going by so fast.

Some things I want to remember about Audrey:

She wants to be a singer when she grows up.

She is constantly more than willing to help mom out.

If you tell her no to something she ALWAYS wants to know the reason why.

She loves dad's magic tricks.

She secretly (not such a secret to mom and dad) has a favorite twin at the moment.

She weighs 38 pounds at seven years old.... 

Audrey loves to talk and be silly.

Lindsey Mae

Lindsey Mae Coatney

Lindsey was born on August 7th at 7:01pm. She weighed 7lbs 15 oz. This little girl has completed our family. I am so grateful to be blessed with five children. Most days feel overwhelming at times but it is worth having these children. I often wonder if the Lord made a mistake giving me so many children to raise... 

I was worried that Halle would have a hard time adjusting to her new sister. Halle has always been treated like the "baby" in the family. We thought she would be our last. I remember the boys having a hard time adjusting to Halle so I expected the same thing. I was completely wrong. Halle is in love with her sister. She constantly wants to hold her. She sticks her little arms out and looks at me like give her here mom. It has been such a blessing not having to deal with Halle not liking her sister. Halle occasionally tries to step on her so we have to watch her closely around Lindsey. Audrey loves her little sister as well. She really is the perfect LAST addition to our family. Taylor likes to hold Lindsey as well. When we first brought Lindsey home all of the kids swarmed the baby and me except for Brody. He had the saddest look on his face. I am not sure if he did not know what to think of the new baby or if he felt left out. Either way I am grateful he has adjusted to his new sister. 

After I  delivered Lindsey I felt at peace knowing she was our last. I knew that this was a chapter I was closing and I am  honestly having a hard time knowing that I will never experience that feeling of holding my newborn baby. I LOVE the baby stage.  I am more than ready to be done with diapers though ( four out of the five kiddos are in diapers out the moment... OUCH).  I guess I will have to get a puppy next.. :) I also look forward to the next part our of lives where we can go and do more things in our lives. 

Lindsey sleeps pretty well some nights right now and not so well other nights.  I love how mad she gets when she is hungry. I will have to take a picture so I can remember her funny faces she makes. 

Welcome to our family Lindsey Mae

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Waiting and Ready!

After four children I finally decorated a babies room exactly how I wanted! I love this room. It is one of my favorite places to be in the whole house right now! Originally Audrey wanted her room in teals, black, and whites but she changed her mind. I am not very good when it comes to decorating my house. I can whip anything out on the computer but when it comes to decorating I am lost. I only wish I had some of my friends talents.

I first started with a Rag Quilt. This was my first time making one of these. It was really easy. I want one for me now!

 Here is a close up!

I made curtains. This was the easiest project in her room by far. I never realized how easy curtains are too make.

Next I made a cork board. I can't wait to add her birth announcement and other fun things to this board.

I made this sign in InDesign. It was quite simple. 

 I keep finding myself sitting in this chair thinking and pondering. This is my very last pregnancy. I have learned it does not matter how many times you are pregnant I am still sad that I am closing this chapter. Don't get me wrong I am excited to be able to go do things again and not be pregnant all the time. I also think about our little girl. I wonder who she will look like, if she will be shy or outgoing, I wonder what she is learning in Heaven before she comes to earth. I also think about the trials she will have to endure here on earth. I am excited to meet her and have the last member of our family here. 

 Don't mind the pictures. I did not realize these were not straight until I took the picture. They will be fixed promptly. I  plan on adding her newborn pictures to these frames once she finally decides to show up!

Everything is ready. House is cleaned, laundry is done, bags are packed, and her room is ready. Now I am just waiting on this little girl to get here. Lindsey we are anxiously awaiting so please hurry up!